The Day the Sun Stood Still…Homeschooling Today – Four Part Series

Did you wake up today planning to battle five kings? Probably not. But homeschooling parents stare into the face of the enemy on a daily basis. Maybe for some, the battle looks like a little one who refuses to pick up their pencil and get to work or maybe it’s that nagging feeling that you’re not “enough” when it comes to teaching your children at home.

Maybe today you have your sword drawn to that whisper of comparison. Doesn’t it seem as though everyone is doing a better job at this homeschool calling than you are? Maybe the daily tasks at home are piling up and laundry and dishwashing won out over your focused attention on homeschooling.

The Gibeonites, were a mighty people. Their surrender to Israel was not due to weakness. They committed to loving and honoring the same God of the Israelites. So when they were faced with battle, they cried out for help from the Israelites and Joshua.

They might have expected Joshua to refuse to come to their aid. But Joshua had made them a promise. He promised to let the Gibeonites live, despite their deception. Not only did Joshua refuse to take their lives, he would also not stand idly by and allow these five kings to destroy them.

Just as the Gibeonites called out to Joshua, Christ stands in the gap for us today. He knows the battle that is waiting for us just around the corner. He is prepared to step in and fight and protect us, despite our shortcomings. On the days were we feel lack, He is our plenty. Just as Joshua stood with the Gibeonites, you can step out into whatever today holds for you with Jesus at the ready, right beside you. Joshua walked with confidence and defeated those who came against the Gibeonites. Scripture tells us he walked in confidence because God had already given his enemies over to him.

Don’t walk in fear today. Walk in the confidence that the Lord has called you to this homeschooling journey. Joshua walked in victory over all of these kings and their countries. Why? Because God was fighting for Israel, just as He fights for us. God gave Joshua all the daylight he needed to defeat his enemies. Take the daylight God gives you today and fight whatever battles come your way.

Reading for today: Joshua chapter 10

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Deception…Homeschooling Today – Four Part Series

The Gibeonites knew what was coming for them. They had seen what Joshua and the Israelites had done at Jericho and Ai. They were determined to not meet the same fate. They hatched an elaborate plan of deception. And Joshua fell for it hook, line and sinker.

Want to know the biggest issue here? Not the Gibeonites’ deception. The problem starts with Joshua and the men of Israel. Joshua acted in his own strength and wisdom, or so he thought. He had this all figured out. God had already told him that all of this land across the river Jordan belonged to the Israelites. All they had to do was to cross over and take it. God was on their side, how much easier could this get?

The Gibeonites offered up the evidence that they had traveled from a distance…mere crumbs of dried bread remaining, cracked wineskins, tattered clothing and sandals…at first glance it was all very convincing. Solid evidence it seemed, but the problem came when Joshua wasn’t willing to look deeper. Joshua didn’t consult the One who’s counsel mattered most.

How often do we as homeschoolers walk this same path? We make decisions day after day that affect the present and the future of our homeschool journey. We make decisions regarding curriculum and methods with so many outside influences filling our minds.

We look to fellow homeschoolers for wisdom, we are swayed by the latest catalog that arrives in our mailbox, or a speaker we heard at the recent homeschool convention we attended.

Just as Joshua made a swift decision regarding the Gibeonites, how often do we react rashly without ever seeking God’s guidance regarding our homeschool decisions? Chances are you are homeschooling right now because you felt God’s calling on your family. But have you continued to seek Him in the daily, small decisions? Have you prayed specifically and asked the Lord to guide you in the ongoing choices that are placed before you?

Scripture reminds us in Joshua 1:9, “…the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go”. For Joshua that meant Jericho, Ai, Gibeon.

For us as homeschoolers, that means our homeschool classroom or the kitchen table, where we sit with our little ones and crack open those math and history books.

It means He is with us at that homeschool convention when we are overwhelmed with choices and can’t decide. He is there when we feel like we are doing it all wrong and just need the wind to change in the right direction. Seek Him when it’s time for the next decision, big or small. God has called you and remains faithful to guide you.

Reading for today: Joshua chapter 9

Why Young Living is my Dream Job

Vulnerability alert!

Here are the reasons why Young Living is my dream job:

1. I have no college degree and I have the potential to make more in a month than I used to in a year.

2. I get to work my business with a baby on my back in a carrier, all while homeschooling my little ones.

3. In these last four years, I’ve been with my babies every day. I haven’t been in an office from 8-5 wishing I were home with them.

4. Young Living has allowed me to grow a business with integrity. They ask nothing less of me. That’s important to me. I want you to see that who I say I am is who I really am, all the time. Even in my business.

5. The cost to start up my business was $160 (for oils I was buying regardless).

6. I am sharing something I am truly passionate about: wellness, purpose, abundance.

7. I get to work from wherever I am: my bed, the coffee shop, my phone, sitting at ballet, holding a sleeping baby, anywhere I am.

8. I am my own boss. I report to no one. When I want to work, I work. When I don’t, I don’t. If we want to take a sanity day😜, we ask no one’s permission. I can grow as fast or as slow as I want.

9. My husband is my business partner. He has different gifts than I do, so each of us brings something unique to the table.

10. I run a business on my time, on my terms, the way I want to, and I have a ton of fun doing it.

11. I work alongside my best friends. I get paid to help them see success.

12. My business will be trusted to my children when they become adults. I really can’t think of a better way to set them up financially than residual income that will grow and grow.

13. I have met hundreds of people who have made me better.

14. I have learned what my strengths are and how to work within them to maximize my potential and the potential of my business.

15. My paycheck comes (and grows) whether I work or not. Though I always choose to work, because I am in love with what I do. #residualincome

16. Over the last four years, Young Living has helped us bring MinLan and John Preston home, it’s helped us afford extras that we couldn’t have otherwise, it’s helped us help others and begin journeying toward being debt free.

17. I work for a company whose heart is in line with the Lord’s.

18. My children get to watch us chase down a dream. They talk about Young Living maybe as much as we do.😉 They love what we do and that we do it as a family. I bet they could even teach an oils 101 class by now!😂

19. I get to be a part of women encouraging other women.

20. I get to see proof every day and every month that anything truly is possible.

I dream of true freedom for our family and yours too! We are on the way! How about you?

Tell me one reason you love working for Young Living!


Some days I struggle. Ahhh, who am I kidding, A LOT of days I struggle. I struggle to figure out how to make it all work. Being a wife and mom, a homeschool teacher, a business owner, a friend.

Some days I want to throw in the towel and tag out on all of it. Am I the only one? I’m guessing not.

On days like these, I am reminded of my WHY. I dream of all the things God has laid on my heart and get excited about what is to come. Some of these dreams are for our family, some of them are for our business, some even for our children and grandchildren. I even dream of the plans that God has for YOU. Yep, you.

I pray and ask for the Lord’s blessing and guidance over what we are trying to accomplish in this life HE gives us. Goodness knows we can’t do this on our own. Period. Just talking it back to Him gets me excited and motivated to dream bigger dreams.

Many of you here are just like “I’m here to get YL products for my own family…not interest in the business side” and that is totally cool. You keep doing YOU friend. We love you as a member on our team, whatever that looks like for you.

But, many of you have shared your heart with me. You’ve shared YOUR “why”. Many of you want to pay off bills, adopt, retire your spouse, travel, bless your family and others. You’ve got BIG dreams. And I see you friends. I see those days when you struggle to figure all this out. When you beat yourself up and are convinced you’re doing it all wrong. When you tell yourself that you aren’t a born leader or that you aren’t knowledgable enough about all this “oily” stuff to help anyone else.

When I dream for US, I dream for YOU too.

When I pray for US, I pray for YOU too.

I am determined to see all of our WHYs happen.

Below, I want YOU to share YOUR why with us. It’s important to nail this down. It may even change and that’s ok. Mine has.

My WHY started off as being able to help bring MinLan home from China. And look at us now! She’s been home THREE YEARS and is happy, healthy and THRIVING.

I want to know your WHY. I want to cheer you on. I want to remind you of your why on days where you are doubting and want to give up.

“A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and will sing it back to you when you forget the words.”

Have you ever forgotten the words to the song in your heart? I know I have. MANY days. OH, to have a friend who would sing it back to me. To help me focus again on WHY I do all of this.

I want to know your why. Even if you’ve told me before, tell me again. Share it so that everyone else can see. No matter how BIG and CRAZY it might be. Be bold. Type it out.

Start a notebook today, maybe even a note on your phone…dream some new dreams if you’ve already accomplished the first ones you dreamed of. Pray and ask the Lord to light a desire in your heart for the things that really matter to Him. Ask Him to guide you. Don’t be afraid to write down those big, AUDACIOUS goals. Do it.

Want to know my WHY today?

•I want to be debt free.

•I want time economy for our whole family.

•I want to be able to get all the therapy that John Preston, MinLan and Neely need without worrying about what insurance will cover.

•I want to quickly pay off my van and be able to buy Bryan a newer truck.

•I want to be able to throw our kiddos and grandbabies in the car and head to Disney at the drop of a hat.

•I want our family homestead to be exactly what we dream it to be…great place for the kids to play, animals, playground, relaxing.

•I want to open our home to foster children one day.

•I want to be able to fully fund adoptions for other families who want to adopt.

•I want to be able to buy an RV and travel with our children.

•I want to have the funds to be able to bless anyone and everyone that God puts in front of me with a need. To be able to be the hands & feet of Jesus to a world that is hurting.

•I want to see each member of our team walking free of debt, spending their days with their children, and living their passions using the gifts their Maker gave them.

I could think of so much more, but just listing those has got me sitting here FIRED UP.

List your WHYs below so that we can know what you are running toward and why. And so that we can sing the song back to you in case you ever forget the words.

I Love You guys! THIS FALL…’s going to be INCREDIBLE! Get ready!