Four generations…

Yesterday was a fun day. My Mother, Grandma Ruby, my sister Jamie and my niece Sydney Grace came up to have a picture taken. We went to lunch at Dad’s BBQ, trying of course not to get too messy because we were having pictures made of our hands. I got the idea from another website. All of the generations of women’s hands in your family…pretty neat I thought. When we get ours back I’ll be sure and post a picture. After pictures, we took the girls to Party Central to play then on to TCBY for yogurt!

On the way to my monthly crop last night, we stopped by a local grocery store to get some snacks. A lady there told Ellie her hair was beautiful and asked her where she got it. Ellie said, “God gave it to me. ” How precious it is when God uses a child to spread His name.

It was nice to have a break and have some grown up time! 🙂 I spent time journaling in my family album…going back several years. How fast the kids grow up. I even went as far back as Will’s 8th birthday! He and David look like such babies…

Until next time…

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