Two days with "The Johnsons"…

Lauren, Lindsey and Logan have now become just “The Johnsons”. Who knew you could lose your identity so fast to a three year old. Who needs individual names when you can be identified much quicker by just your last! The Johnsons, as we will now call them, came and stayed with us for the day on Tuesday and Wednesday.

While I thought a house with 6 children might be a little crazy, it was fabulous. They all played together and helped keep each other entertained. Who knew having 6 kids could be so easy! 😉
Now I know how those women with 15 kids do it. She must divide them into play groups!

They enjoyed a movie, playing with playdough and even crowned a princess and prince for the day!
(Logan is such a good sport!) Thanks to the Johnsons for their company!

Until next time,

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