It’s that time of year…

Who’s ready for Awana to start? I sure am! Ok, to be honest, ready and NOT ready all at the same time…still have lots to do! 🙂 I am so excited about this coming year. I think what always gets me the most excited is that God allows us to share in His plan for the children of our church and community. He doesn’t need us at all! He doesn’t need us to recruit, He doesn’t need us to plan, He doesn’t need us to organize…He could do it all without us, yet He allows us the priviledge of working along side Him to further His kingdom. He wants to work through us and for us to receive a blessing from Him. All that He asks is that we give Him the praise and the honor and the glory for all He does.

Next time you are asked to serve, pray that God would let you in on His plan for your life. What God has planned for you, may not be what you had planned. By saying no, you could really miss out on a blessing He has in store for you!

Until next time…

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