My how time flies…

Can you believe that on Saturday we will celebrate Ethan’s first birthday? His birthday is Wednesday the 20th and I can’t believe that almost a year ago I was going into labor at our first Awana club night! That little boy knew I wanted to be there and he held off for me!

It seems like just yesterday our sweet little boy arrived. All seemed to be well until he was delivered and Dr. Moersch pointed out the knot in his cord. She commented that normally she doesn’t see alot of knots in cords because those babies usually don’t make it. How God was looking out for our little boy. When I think of Ethan’s knot it reminds me not to worry. God has everything under control.

By nature I am such a worrier. I want to fix everything, even things over which I have no control. Here’s an example of a problem that I didn’t even know existed…so I couldn’t worry and yet God took care of it! Amazing how He doesn’t need me!

Thank you God for the gift of our little boy. Thank you for the safety and health you have given him. Help us as parents train him up to love you and share your love with others.

Until next time,

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