The only thing missing…

Well, he did it. He turned one. He went from my little baby to a little man overnight. All of the suddenly he just looks older. Is that possible? Today was uneventful as far as birthdays go. We were partied out from Saturday. And Daddy was missing…hard to celebrate without him. 😦 I did sing Ethan happy birthday on several occasions, although he looked at me as if I had lost my mind. Maybe I have… Thank goodness Shannon is having us a baby in December so that will take care of any baby fever for a while. Bryan says as soon as they walk I want another. I think I’ll just enjoy my little man for a while longer…let him be my baby.

Thanks to Lori Thornburg for the precious pictures of Ethan. The one just above is my favorite. It is SO Ethan! That’s his “daddy face”. Precious! If you know Ethan, you’ve seen that look. He doesn’t often give it to me…just everyone else.

Bryan travels home today from Sedona, Arizona. Say a prayer for safe travels.

Until next time,

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