Bryan’s Mom

Do you ever have something to say but don’t know how to say it? Kind of like when you pray and don’t know what to say. Too bad the Holy Spirit that goes to God on our behalf can’t blog for us as well. :)I hope God is laughing, not shaking His finger at me. 🙂

Please remember Bryan’s Mom, Pat, in your prayers. She was recently diagnosed with small cell lung cancer and got the news today that they also found it in other areas as well.

Please keep her in your prayers, as well as Bryan and his sister, Beth.

Until next time,

2 thoughts on “Bryan’s Mom

  1. Jennnifer, this is from Teresa Bryan’s aunt. I am so sorry that this has happened to Pat and her family.My prayer for Pat is as always that she will find strength from God, acceptance that this is out of her control, and only God if she will let Him, heal her from this, that she will find joy and peace as only comes from God, and the love for Him and family that God desires her to have, and will find a way to praise Him no matter what. and that days be not full of pain, but that I have mentioned above. For the rest of her family, that abounding love, joy and peace that can only come from God, and his abounding ability to have joy, peace and acceptance with little to anger towards God or the others for this happening, just have His love and peace and joy in abundace supply and each of you would get the rest that is needed for your bodies, souls and spirits, for you all to be able to find a way to continue to praise Him for the time you all have left with Pat that it will be joyous and happy times together full of warm memories of time spent together, letting go of things and past and looking towards a great tomorrow. Well, I gotta go, i’m not much good at handling these sort of letter. I do ope that we will be able to get together soon for I really miss each and everyone of you. Hang in there with your web site it is great, I feel that helpingothers through the web is just of the many ways God uses us to share with each other. Love Teresa.


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