Interview with Hearts at Home Founder Jill Savage

1. Growing up, did you ever see yourself as a mother – better yet, a professional mother? Please explain.

I had one goal in mind growing up…I wanted to be a music teacher. That’s how I envisioned my professional aspirations. I did see myself as a mother, but I felt that a teaching career would work well with motherhood (summers home, same schedule as school age children, etc)

2. Your organization’s purpose is to help mothers love their lives. Why is motherhood often looked down upon in today’s society?
I think we associate money with value. When a mother contributes to the family in a non-monetary way, we have wrongly assumed that the contribution isn’t as valuable as a monetary contribution.
3. What is the meaning of the name “Hearts at Home?”
There are so many good things that a mom can do—not just in the workplace, but also in the volunteer arenas. Before we know it, our heart is tugged in so many different directions. We encourage women to keep their heart at home—making their family their first priority—because we only have one chance to raise our kids.
4. What’s the foundation for being a successful mother?

I believe it’s understanding our value in Jesus Christ. If a mom is trying to find her value in how her children look or behave, she’ll always come up short. Children change all the time. And that’s like building your life on sinking sand. However, if a mom understands that her value is determined by the God who created her and loves her more than she can imagine, she has a firm foundation. God never changes. He’s the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. And that’s like building your life on a solid rock.

5. How do you become the “intentional” mom that your family needs? What exactly does it mean to be intentional about motherhood?
Being intentional is about deliberately using the moments we are given with our children. It’s about being proactive rather than reactive. An intentional mom has a vision for her family and home environment and she pursues that with purpose and goals.
6. What universal, unchanging piece of advice would you give to all mothers?

In the words of my dear friend Charlene Baumbich, “Don’t miss your kids…they’ll be gone before you know it!”
We can’t go back and raise our kids again. We’re presented the opportunity just once. Use this season to the fullest and keep your heart at home.

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Topic of the day
Why do you find it challenging to keep your heart at home?
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4 thoughts on “Interview with Hearts at Home Founder Jill Savage

  1. My heart at home? Hmmm…Can we discuss sanity? I think I left that somewhere between the hospital, soccer practice, and a soccer game last night. Who knows where my heart is. 😉 Ask Courtney if I can have her blog name – “Frazzled and Distracted” – that describes me best at this moment.


  2. I might have to agree with Kristin but in a different way. I think I tend to want to be out and about instead of feeling “cooped” up at home. Sitting here writing that though makes me wonder if having your heart at home means that your physical being doesn’t necessarily have to be there 100% of the time. I do sometimes still think about the personal satisfaction of being in the workplace, especially after 2 degrees. Ugh, it’s such a torn feeling at times. I can’t imagine trying to add work onto my at-home life right now though so why do I even think about that?? Thanks Jenifer for starting this group! Maybe some of the double-mindedness can leave.


  3. I love being about to be out and about as much as I want. I enjoy being at home and doing the mommy stuff that I always dreamed about. At times I have it together and then other times I am out of control.


  4. I think you can keep your heart at home even if you are involved in other things. I enjoy getting out and being involved .. but i LOVE my family and always go back to them. But for my sanity and theirs … I need to make time for myself and friendships and things i enjoy doing. I like the saying “absence makes the heart grow fonder” that works for kids too! I love them more sometimes when i am not around them for a while! millie


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