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I also want to recommend my favorite Hearts At Home book: Professionalizing Motherhood by Jill Savage. At my church, we are currently doing a book study with this book. I love it! It has helped show me that my profession as a mother IS important. I’m not JUST a stay at home mom. I know that my number one job as a mother is what Jill calls the “ministry of availability.” I am here to be available to nurture and guide my children through the twists and turns of life, ultimately helping them to be the person God has designed them to be. What an awesome job I have!

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Topic of the day
As a mom, what do you struggle with the most?
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10 thoughts on “Free online newsletters at Hearts At Home

  1. Time! With three kids and a full-time job, it is hard to juggle everything.You know that I would love to NOT have to work. It is a race every evening trying to get the kids to all their activities, eat, homework, baths. I’m worn out every day. There is so much more that I would love to do, but I just don’t have the time. That is the hard part.


  2. I agree with Kristin. Time. It’s hard to be selective about where time will be spent. We can’t do every birthday party, every church activity, every family event. Being selective, and prioritizing. I want my children to see us being good stewards of time.Gina


  3. Organization is my WORST enemy! I feel so “scattered”. Time with kids, time for the housework, time for hubby, etc… I can’t seem to get it together sometimes!


  4. I’m with Andi – patience. I seem to have difficulty in trying to balance the idea of wanting Tyler Grace to listen and obey the first time I say something but also choosing my battles – because if I didn’t, every minor thing every day could be a battle. So then my patience wears thin when I have to say things over and over and over and my blood pressure rises and “Mean Mommy” comes out. I hate it after it happens too.


  5. organization is my biggest thing. with two kids, my daughter’s school, my son’s mother’s day out program, co-leader for girl scouts, my classes at college and dance twice a week. it is hard to get things organized and ready for the next day and keep the house in order. there is always something going on and never enough time to do it. i guess you just have to make the time to keep things organized and to find the time to do all the things that need to be done. but i do think this…time with your children are precious, they aren’t this small forever and they grow up so fast. sometimes it is nice to have a disorganized home and to just spend that time with your family. do things with your kids that matter. the housework can wait another day.


  6. I think that I struggle with just being sane from day to day. Now that I have two God seems to be testing my sanity continuously. From one crying to the other having a tantrum. I think that the craziest part of all is that as wild as most of my days are I would not trade them in for any amount of money or job.


  7. I struggle with my priorities. 1. God2. Husband3. DaughterOften my daughter comes before all other things and that isn’t the plan God has for our lives. My struggle is to make God my all and then devote time to nurturing my marriage. Then my daughter.Tawnda A.


  8. Yes, it is very hard sometimes to keep God, husband, then children. On top of that having a speical needs child and putting her above all!!! Then I feel guilty. There is alot of things I would love to do for my church, family, and even myself but God’s plan is not that way for me right now and I have to keep him first to remember that. So to help me of course my Bible, books, and friends that send me forwards that just seem to hit the spot really keep me going.Sonja


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