Our little princess is four!

I can’t believe that this day 4 years ago, Bryan and I were timing contractions, getting ready to head to the hospital! Seems like it was just yesterday. I remember Bryan had a little pad of paper and he was writing down the time of every contraction, how long it lasted and how painful I considered it. 🙂 They were all painful! But the pain was so worth it! After she arrived, the pain was a distant memory…now we were going to make new memories as a family. And we have made some wonderful memories with our sweet, little girl. She has brought such joy into our lives and we love her more and more each day. I can hardly remember life before her. She is funny, smart and the light of our lives.

Yesterday, we celebrated Ellie’s birthday with friends and family at Party Central…Ellie’s favorite place in the world right now! Even though I was a little late, the cake did not turn out as planned, it was a wonderful party.

Ellie’s brothers had fun during her party…they just relaxed and hung out!

Ellie had so much fun with all of her friends and cousins. She especially loved sliding down the slide with anyone who would join her!

The joy on her face is just what we wanted to see on her birthday! That makes all the work and planning worth it! To know that she had a fabulous birthday that she will always remember!

She even got a birthday phone call from Cinderella this morning, wishing her a happy birthday! She was so excited! Thanks to all of you who have shared in her life and loved her these last four years. You have truly been a blessing to our little girl!

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