Living with less

I just finished reading the best book by Mark Tabb called “Living With Less…the upside of downsizing your life”. Now if I can put all of it into practice! He talks about not only wanting less stuff but wanting less activity. He talks about giving stuff away, simplifying your lifestyle and deflating your opinion of yourself. OUCH! It’s not fun getting your toes stepped on!

One of my favorite stories he tells was about a time when he was 9 years old, his parents took a road trip…

“When I was nine years old, my family drove from Oklahoma to Northern California to see my mother’s brother and his family. On the trip home, we drove into Salt Lake City, where we planned to spend the night. We ran into one small problem: every hotel room in the city was booked due to a convention in town. We kept driving, looking for a place to stay, but towns are few and far between in northern Utah. Finally, at about 2:00 a.m., my dad found an old hotel in a town in Wyoming where the sidewalks were still made of wood.

This hotel lacked the usual amenities other hotels offer. If memory serves, it was a dump. The room was old and dingy. My mother and sisters slept on top of the covers since they were afraid of what they might find lurking between the sheets. The bathroom was down the hall, and the air-conditioning consisted of a brick propping the window open. But after driving half the night, none of us cared. Besides, it wasn’t like we planned to live in the room for the rest of our lives. We were just passing through.

That’s how we need to see this world. When we belong to Jesus Christ, we don’t belong to this world of time. Peter calls us strangers and aliens. We’re out of place here. Heaven is our real home. This conviction allows us to be content with whatever situation we may find ourselves in now. In the long run, whatever we face here on earth doesn’t really matter, because it isn’t like we plan on sticking around this place forever. Just a moment or two in heaven and we will forget about any supposed hardships we faced here.”

Lord, help be me content in this life, knowing that you have promised me heaven. Help remind me that nothing here is permanent…I am just passing through.

Until next time,

One thought on “Living with less

  1. I have heard about some of his stories in the past. Life is better when you don’t have a much stuff I think or trying to keep up with the Jones’s. I need to read the book I am sure it would step on all my toes!Sonja


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