Parris Craziness

Do you ever have one of those days when you never seem to stop? Boy, today was that day! David is in great pain from an injury to his back and hip Friday night at their football game. Which, by the way, they WON! One more win this Friday and we’ll make it to the playoffs! Way to go, David!

So anyway…we took David to the school this morning to get checked out by his coach, then on to the orthopedic doctor, then on to physical therapy. Needless to say, the little ones were not very happy with all the time they had to spend in the car! They survived though and David is feeling much better. Two more days of physical therapy and then they will make an assessment about him playing Friday night. That boy sure does want to play ball…

I just had a chance to finally check email…which waiting this late in the day is unheard of for me! 🙂 But I did survive! Can’t wait for that new Blackberry that is calling my name…

We went to the “pumpkin patch” at the Methodist Church on Saturday while David and Daddy went to JSU’s homecoming. Ethan tripped and landed, of course, on his forehead…how is it that babies never catch themselves! We enjoyed carving our pumpkin when the big boys got home, but David was too sore to help. 😦 He did enjoy the roasted pumpkin seeds though.

Here’s Ellie…why can’t I get that girl still long enough for a decent photo! Doesn’t she know I scrapbook?

God love Ethan…he wanted to touch every pumpkin…

This was my “best” group photo…where’s David when you need him? He’s a great kid wrangler for pictures!

Ethan did make a valiant effort to be sort of still and smile for mommy…

My little pumpkin hunter was worn out after chasing all those pumpkins…isn’t he precious!

Here’s our finished product…not perfect but we love it!

Until next time,

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