Halloween 2008

Well, we survived the Fall Festival with two mobile young ones. Of course, Ethan who can walk, wanted to be carried all night! Figures. He gave everyone very strange looks and wasn’t sure whether he was having fun or not! Ellie didn’t seem to be herself…she was preoccupied with getting popcorn and by the time we made it over there, they were out! Sad little girl, she was (sounds like Yoda!)

Our little “mouse” and chicken, or rooster as Bryan likes to call him!

Our friendly little “mouse”

I LOVE this costume! Ellie wore it a few years ago and it is my favorite…I think I will keep it in my closet for children and grandchildren to come! If it lasts that long!

Here’s Ethan and Mr. Jim! He is so precious to our family and the kids just love him! Even the big kids! We were glad to get to see him at the festival!

Until next time,

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