Little ones…aren’t they grand…

Why is it that when babies figure out something that drives you bananas, they do it repeatedly? Ethan has figured out how to stand in this bottom drawer of the end table and reach everything on the top. He does it constantly, then gets stuck and can’t get down…I keep telling myself, one day he’ll get tired of it…hasn’t happened yet!

Don’t you just love when your sweet babies fall asleep in their high chair? Little man was so tired. Needless to say, after this, there was no trouble getting him to sleep for the afternoon. He was ready!

This is Ellie after the fall festival at church. Regena’s little girl Becca, was a chef for Halloween and that is Ellie’s new favorite past time. She has been pretending to be a chef for a month or so and seeing Becca reminded her that she had not done it in a while. She was tired of having her picture made…she needed to get to cooking! The second picture is classic Ellie, Miss Sassy-Know-It-All. I don’t know where she gets that from. 🙂

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