Here come the holidays…

Are you ready? We are getting there. I actually have my Christmas cards addressed. Now if I could get all the kids in one place, feeling well all at the same time for a Christmas card picture! This week with David passed me by because he didn’t feel good. Still dealing with this sacrum fracture. Please keep him in your prayers.

It seems like Christmas season comes upon us more quickly every year. And every year, we say we are going to slow down, take it easy, do less…but it is so hard. We get so caught up in the season and forget about the reason. Thankfully I have made good use of my holiday planner this year and it is helping a lot. It is helping me to plan ahead so that I can actually enjoy December and not be running around like a crazy person (check back with me mid December on that one!).

This year we will be going to lots of Christmas parties, holiday celebrations, family gatherings etc. I just read something about that I thought was really good…it talked about looking for Jesus in all the places that we go, even if it is not a “religious” event or situation.

“We should be alert for the Lord’s presence where we least expect to see Him. Jesus may invite Himself to any Christmas party. After all, it’s His birthday.”
– David McCasland

Kind of made me chuckle when I first read it, then I asked myself…am I looking for Jesus in all of my holiday preparations? He is there. Do I look for him as I do my Christmas shopping? He is there. Do I look for Him as I plan my holiday menus and do my grocery shopping? He is there.

May you and I both be reminded this year and always to look for Jesus in every situation. He is there.

Until next time,

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