We have survived…

I think we have survived the attack of the stomach bug. It has not been pleasant, we have eaten little and done lots of laundry but I think we are on the upside…I hope! Starting with little Ethan being sick on Friday, we have had a full weekend! We did manage to go to my cousin’s house Saturday for the Shearon Thanksgiving, thinking that Ethan was just sick from his immunizations on Thursday. Well, on the way home, in Barnes and Noble to be exact, the bug hit Ellie. Not a pretty picture! Bryan and I thought we would be exempt until Sunday…we were not a happy couple. This morning the kids woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready to eat and play. Bryan and I on the other hand are moving really slowly. I think we are not as resilient as our little ones. A day of lying around the house has made us worse for the wear. šŸ™‚

Bryan is off to work and I am attempting to clean and disinfect!

Here’s praying it doesn’t visit your house!

Until next time,

One thought on “We have survived…

  1. Those bugs just come out of nowhere and hit you hard! Hope everyone is better as it’s getting closer to Thanksgiving.BTW…I added your blog to my blog reader!! Hope y’all have a great Thanksgiving!Stefanie


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