Food for thought…literally!

Why is it, when you are pregnant, that food either tastes FABULOUS or DISGUSTING? There is no in between! Even when you are craving something, it may taste terrible once you actually eat it. I’m not really craving much…still a little too early I think, but this morning I was dying to have a cheese omelet with salsa…Tastefully Simple Salsa, I might add!

If I do say so myself, “IT WAS THE BEST OMELET I EVER PUT IN MY MOUTH!!!!!!”

Just thought I would share…

Oh, our appointment with Dr. Moersch is December 31st. Hopefully we’ll be able to have a good conversation about this medicine that I am on and she’ll be reassuring about the choice we’ve made. Plus, we’ll get our first sonogram picture! My favorite!

Until next time,

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