Our first doctor visit…

Well, today we had our first OB appointment. The picture above is actually a 4D sonogram picture of Baby Parris. It is very hard to tell what’s what on the computer screen but when you see me, I’ll be glad to share the real picture! The technician even pointed out a little arm bud and a leg!!! How great is our God! Dr. Moersch also really relieved any fears about the medicine I am taking. She says she has never had any babies born with birth defects while on a seizure medicine. That is also what the neurologist told us. I know there is a first time for everything but I know God is affirming our decision to stay on the medicine. Thank you for your prayers, we covet them still.

until next time,

4 thoughts on “Our first doctor visit…

  1. We knew that HE is a little winner. Yes! That is my prediction. Another boy. I am so excited for you and your family. That should be enough to start a rumor of you having a boy. lol. Our God is a Waymaker when there is no way. GOOOOOO GOD! You could have HIM on the 6th of August (my birthday) What a fabulous day! Love you! Happy New Year!


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