Wow! Ever just feel so full you could burst? I don’t mean with your last meal either! 🙂

This weekend we had a great weekend and my heart is bursting! First I went to a women’s retreat that our church hosted. Linda Rogers was the guest speaker and she was fabulous. God has gifted her with the desire to train up and teach younger women according to His Word in Titus 2. She spoke about what to do about past sin in your life, how to honor your father and mother and what to do if you haven’t been! She spoke about reaping what we sow and that even if we ask forgiveness of our sins, we are still going to reap consequences for those sins, even to the 3rd and 4th generations. This is something Bryan and I have frequently talked about in the past but this was a much needed reminder to pray earnestly and daily about how things in our past, the past of our parents and even grandparents will affect our future generations. She also spoke about housebuilding. The definition she used in her workbook about housebuilding was from the book by Barbara Mouser called Five Aspects of Woman.

Housebuilding: the long-term lifework of helping a man, creating and nurturing the family, producing wealth, earning a reputation, blessing the local church and the community, strenghtening the nation, and thus influencing the world. The things we as women do to give roots and wings to those about us-the prayers we pray and the Scriptures we teach to ground our families in God. It is the celebrations we host, the memorabilia we keep, the blessings we give, and the challenges we put forth for the future. This is the place God wants me to master, manage. This is MY domain-I need to DO the MAIN thing!

Lord, help me as I build my house, to do it only seeking your will. Amen

Second we had a great night at Awana! I got to speak at council time about being on God’s side! You can’t have it both ways…you are either for God or against Him! Lord, please help me remember that in the daily choices I make. I am either making a choice that is FOR you or AGAINST you!

Lastly, we were able to attend a special service at our church that included several baptisms and the ordination of two men in our church, one as deacon and one into fulltime ministry. What a blessing to be a witness to God’s work in their lives and the lives of their families! What an honor to be able to experience this with them and the privilege to see God at work in their lives and all He plans to accomplish THROUGH them. God is good, all the time!

Until next time,

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