We have survived!

Ok…back to the business of blogging! Can I just say that I think we have all survived the yucky colds/ear infection that was running rampant at our house! I am still not over my first trimester nausea though. If you are one of those people who were nauseous for 9 months, please don’t feel the need to share. I am quickly approaching 12 weeks and I have a this vision of the heavens opening up, angels singing and the nausea disappearing overnight. Don’t spoil my dream…

The kids are feeling 100% better. They seem to be no worse for the wear. Ellie’s new thing is making up crazy words and asking Bryan and I if we know what they mean. This morning her word was “aniberse”. She says it means you can do painting or art with a machine at one time. Where in the heck do kids come up with this stuff?? I am learning a lot, I must say!

Ellie and I have also recently had to have a conversation about when the earth was created. She was telling me about something she saw on Little Einsteins. I had watched the show before and approved. Apparently an episode she saw without me, discussed how the earth was made millions of years ago. That was what she was repeating to me in conversation. I told her that that is not what the Bible says. I told her that the earth was created only a few thousand years ago and that we could no longer watch Little Einsteins because they were not telling us the truth. Don’t you just love that our children trust us completely, accept what we say and move on. Thank you Lord! I consider myself VERY CAUTIOUS about what Ellie watches on television…apparently this snuck by me…my guard is up now! Thanks Little Einsteins for keeping me on my toes.

Ethan is as cute as ever! He is certainly coming into his own. He is quite ugly to his big sister. He pushes her when she gets too close to him and he DOES NOT want her messing with him at all. She best stay away! He wants to do everything she is doing though and have everything she has. He is at that age where you can not “reason” with him or discuss anything. When you stop him from doing something he shouldn’t be doing, he gets hysterical. He is also coming up with new bruises and scrapes everyday. Who knew your living room could be so dangerous? Just when a bruise starts to fade into oblivion…he gets another one in the exact same spot!

Yesterday he got into Ellie’s dry erase markers…who knew they came off so easily. These are not the greatest pics but you get the idea. Ethan did NOT want me to hold his hand and take his picture. He did however let Ellie clean him up with a wipee. She is a good big sister when he will let her be!

Last night I got the opportunity to lock myself in the bathroom alone, take a nice bubble bath and actually start reading a new book. While safely locked away, Bryan and the kids watched, what else, Handy Manny! Bryan laid down with Ethan on the couch where they both quickly fell asleep. Now let me just say, when I hold him in the recliner and try to get Ethan to wind down and get ready for bedtime, he flips and flops, laughs and giggles, identifies every body part he and I both have, you name it! But with Bryan…off to dreamland. Bryan announced that from now on he would be the one putting Ethan to sleep…fine by me, I say! Now I have to figure out when I can get in snuggle time with my little man! He’s growing up too fast! Is there any way to slow them down? If so, I’m all ears!

Until next time,

2 thoughts on “We have survived!

  1. I’ve missed your blogging girl! Glad your back at it :Also glad to hear that everyone is feeling better..praying your nausuea subsides too 🙂I love the little words the Ellie is coming up with.And Ethan…he sounds like someone else I know 🙂


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