May be TMI but remember…it’s my blog…

Ok…I give up. I have fought off nausea all day and finally I just said FORGET IT!!! I’ll go to the bathroom and take care of business. Anything to make me feel better…it’s got to help, right?

I go in and am obviously making enough noise to attract my daughter who comes in and says:

“Mommy, don’t you feel good?”

“No, Ellie, mommy doesn’t feel good.”

“Did you throw up?”

“No but I am trying to, please go back in the living room.”

“But I want to keep you company.”

“Really, I’m good, just go back in the living room.”

She leaves…I resume my trying.

She comes back with her beloved boppy. Her little burp cloth that she has loved since birth. Something she does not willingly share.

“Mommy, I brought you my burp cloth. To make you feel better. I’m going to put it on your back.”

“Thank you Ellie.”

She leaves the room with me thinking after her, what a precious child I have raised. She really feels for mommy and loves me and wants to take care of me.

She returns.

“Don’t get throw up on my boppy.”

She exits.

That’s the Ellie I know and love.

Until next time,

One thought on “May be TMI but remember…it’s my blog…

  1. Why did I picture that whole story as a cartoon strip? That is hilarious! I laughed outloud. Me and that little “boy” in your tummy are gonna have a talk tomorrow. I will be the “baby whisperer” and calm his little self down. How far along are you now?


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