Ever wonder why some days work out like they do? Why, when you have so much to do, LIFE happens? Like the day your husband has to work, your little one gets sick and you have lots on your agenda for the day…

This morning started off promising to be a busy day. We were going to church this morning, off to Walmart to pick up sand paper for Awana and a present for a 40th surprise party this afternoon, then home to eat lunch, back to the party, on to Awana and I was excited about doing Council Time tonight as well.

Being home all day, not able to go anywhere, made me really ponder why I get so stressed when my plans are disrupted. Isn’t my favorite job being a Mommy to my little ones and a wife to my husband? Part of that includes cleaning up bodily fluids and missing out on things when they are sick. Just part of the job. So instead of stressing, I made a few phone calls (thanks Regena, Jonathan, Ryan, Kristin and Donnie)and got everything settled for the night at Awana and then just spent the day enjoying my little ones. I got to take a nap snuggled up with my little Ellie and take care of my sick little man, without stressing over what I was missing.

Lord, I’m thankful for the opportunity to clean up messes I’d rather not clean up. It means I have a family to love.

Until next time,

2 thoughts on “Pondering…

  1. I am sorry that little Ethan was sick. Is he better now? We missed you at church today. I hope that all is well with your house. I feel your frustration when you have to rearrange things. Remember what you said at Bible study about, maybe God was protecting you from something…..maybe traveling today…….hmmmmmmm. You also could use a good rest little pregnant girlie! (I told you! I am snapping my fingers and moving my neck back and forth)


  2. Give Ellie and Ethan a hug and kiss from Gran. I loved visiting with them this weekend even though little fella didn’t feel well. Also, I am so thankful for friends that can jump in at the last minute to help my daughter. I praise God for the ministry of First Baptist Jacksonville in Jenifer, Bryan, and the kids life.


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