It’s a GIRL!!!

Well, Thursday was the day! We got to find out if we were going to add a new baby boy or a new baby girl to our little family. Ellie of course was hoping for a girl and David for a boy. He said girls are too much drama.

I have not been feeling well since Thursday afternoon so I have yet to upload my sonogram pictures or video. I did give the video a try but my computer skills are lacking…coming soon, I hope!

So, we now know that Baby Ruby Kathryn is on her way! We’ll call her “Ruby Kate”. My grandmother’s name is Ruby Marie and Ellie and I both share the middle name Marie. Now we’ll have a little Ruby!

We went to Kohl’s and bought some beautiful little pink outfits and onesies and then yesterday we went to Thimbles Heirloom Sewing in Hoover and got enough fabric for 11 dresses! Nine for Ruby Kate and 2 for Ellie. When I got there, Stacey, who puts together my dresses was working there! I was able to leave the fabric for the smocked dresses with her and she’ll put them together and mail them to me! How awesome is that! It saved me having to mail them to her and explain instructions over the phone! Thank you Jesus!

Now I’m ready to get them back so I can start smocking. I guess I’ll have to start with the material for the A-line dresses for Ellie for now. That will keep me busy…have to start feeling better…nausea seems to be back with a vengeance.

Stay tuned for pictures of Ruby Kate!

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