Ruby Kate’s Pictures

Ok…I will admit that these all look the SAME to me (except the girl parts one)…but I am including them all in case you are better at looking at these things than I am! The third one is my favorite, you can see her little knee pulled up and her little hand right beside her face. She looks sweet to me! Can’t wait to have the 4D done…got to save my pennies…

It’s a GIRL! Maybe she won’t appreciate her gender specific pics being on here…be sure not to tell her when she is older! This was the first time that I could actually see what they are talking about when it comes to gender on these things. Maybe the more babies you have the easier they are to read!

One thought on “Ruby Kate’s Pictures

  1. Are you kidding!? Where have I been? You do realize that you are supposed to call and let me know the sex of your baby. I just knew it was a boy. Bryan’s sis just found out a boy and I thought her’s was a girl, so…I guess that I just was mixed up on you two. I love her name. Sweet. My favorite pic is the first one. Is she looking at the sono? I SOOOOO DID NOT KNOW THAT YOU SMOCKED!!!!! Ok. If I ever have a girl, we will trade photos for smocking! Don’t tell Dawn, she will steal her. She wants a baby girl bad. She threatened to take Bryce, but when she found out he was a boy, he was safe. lol


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