Are you ready for the Children’s Market?

Ok, I had to wait to find out BOY or GIRL before I could get ready but now I’m READY! I have clothes everywhere! Thank you Jesus that I have wonderful friends who send us hand-me-downs! My children have never gone without!

Now I need to get organized and sort clothes to keep, clothes to sell, clothes to give away. What a great way this is for us moms of little ones, to get great, gently used or even new clothes for a fraction of what they cost retail. Who couldn’t use help in this economy!

I LOVE the Children’s Market that the First United Methodist Church puts on in Jacksonville! They always have a huge selection, not only of clothes, but toys, baby necessities, shoes…anything you can think of for your little ones, teens and expecting moms like me! They even have brand new items from Overstock Designs, hair bows, and on-site monogramming from “My Two Girls”.

Here are the dates….I hope you can make it! Call me and we can go together!

Wednesday, April 1st
4pm – special time to shop for 1st time new parents/grandparents and area school teachers

Thursday, April 2nd and Friday, April 3rd
8am – 6:30pm – Open to the public

Saturday, April 4th – Discount Day
8am – Noon (many items 50% off) and 3pm-4pm ($1 an item!)

There are also special shopping dates/times if you are a consignor and/or volunteer!

Check out their website at

I’m off to hang, sort, tag and price!
See you at the sale!

3 thoughts on “Are you ready for the Children’s Market?

  1. Oh! What size is Ethan in everything? In case I find something cleaning out. What do you need? I think that I am gonna be an easy 24 months in shirts. He is barely wearing 18 mo now. 18 months in pants and shorts. He is a 5 1/2 to a 6 in shoes. I am gonna know better what I need after today.


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