I think my appliances hate me…

Do you ever feel like someone is out to get you? Waiting around the next corner, just hoping for your demise? For some of you this may be a person…for me it’s my appliances.

First came the dishwasher…after not growing up with a dishwasher you would think this would be my favorite appliance. Bryan and I have lived several places that had dishwashers. After using all of them, I decided that none of them got the dishes as clean as I did by hand washing. Needless to say, I used them off and on throughout the years. Enter children…the dishwasher suddenly began to clean much better…that or my standards became lower, not sure which. Just about the time I became totally dependent on and addicted to my dishwasher, it quit working. If memory serves me correctly, there was a leak that was not fixable. So every time I ran it, it was soaking the floor below. Not exactly a good thing. Then commenced months and months which turned into years of no dishwasher. With dry, cracked and sometimes bleeding hands I waded through sinkfuls of dirty dishes. Went to bed with dirty dishes in the sink, woke up to dirty dishes on the counter. I just never seemed to get ahead. Why exactly do we eat three meals a day? What’s wrong with just one? The more you eat the more dishes there are to wash. Before you chime in with the paper plates and cups argument…let me assure you, we did try that as often as possible. Along with my guilt of not keeping a clean kitchen, I could add guilt over damaging the planet by wasting paper and sending plastic to the local landfill. Don’t judge…

Now in Bryan’s defense, he did get up many mornings at the crack of dawn and wash some dishes. This I think inspired him to definitely move replacing the dishwasher to the top of the list (I love you honey). While wanting to get a brand new fabulous dishwasher for his lovely bride, I just wanted something that worked. I didn’t care if it was avocado green from the seventies. At this point…not picky. Bryan finally gave in and agreed that there was nothing wrong with a used dishwasher. Enter our fabulous friends the Medlins who just so happened to be selling a working dishwasher. I can not begin to describe how much I love this dishwasher. It’s black, just the right size and I think is quickly becoming my new best friend.

Then came the dryer…a year or so ago my dryer decided to take a vacation lest it wear itself out. So it decided to take a break from actually heating while it was running. Bryan commenced to set up a clothesline in the backyard and I began my quest of feeling truly domestic by hanging clothes on the line to dry. After weeks and weeks of crunchy clothes, Bryan figured out he could replace the heating element for a mere $40 and we would be on our way to hot, soft clothes again.

Now, here we are in April. The dryer decides it has worked too hard and takes a self imposed vacation yet again. Beginning to see the pattern? Yeah, me too. I checked my email today and had a shipping notification for my new heating element. It will arrive tomorrow…I wonder if I have any dryer fixing skills? By tonight I may be willing to give it a go. It has been too cold to hang clothes out on the line…did I just say that in the month of April? Crazy Alabama weather! So, we are surrounded by clothes, towels, etc. hanging from every ledge in the house. Amazing how your perspective on dirty clothes changes when you are dryer challenged. Can you wear the same socks for days in a row? What about your nightgown? I say check the smell. If you can stand it…wear it again. Far better than having to actually wash it and hang it up to dry.

Now lest you think I am ungrateful for all God has given me…let me say thank you Lord for the conveniences that I so often take for granted. Thank you for not having to drag my clothes to the nearest river and scrub them on a rock to clean them. Thank you for the blessing of a hot water heater so that I am not expected to boil water for cleaning, baths, etc. Thank you for the times that you teach me lessons through the ordinary.

Until next time.

3 thoughts on “I think my appliances hate me…

  1. Bless your heart! My washer, dryer, and ice maker keep Clevenger’s in business!! I hope your dryer gets back with the program soon!
    Oh, LOVE the new layout! You are going to have to show me how to do it!


  2. Hi there!

    Finally coming back over to your blog to say hi! I have been meaning to get over her since last week, but didn’t get the chance until today. I love your new header! This was a fun post…love your sense of humor.

    Just wanted to let you know that Miss Ruby Kate’s hats are done. I will get them off to you ASAP.

    Have a great week!



  3. Love your new layout! Thanks for the signature thing! I am having trouble getting it to work though! It makes it all the way to where I tell it my login and blog name. It keeps changing my blog name to my login name. Any suggestions? Missed ya’ll last week! Hope that you are feeling good these days.
    You are so funny when you tell a story.


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