Hold the chemicals please…

While I do not hold myself up as the natural cleaning guru, I DO try my best to always choose products to clean with, bath and body products, etc. that are natural or as close to natural, organic as I can find. We use Melalueca cleaning products that we love…almost everything is made with Melaleuca oil…what is that you ask? You probably know it as tea tree oil.

It is so easy for us to just use regular ole cleaners in our home and not even think about what it is doing to our bodies and our children’s. Scary thing is those chemicals are so much worse for them than for us because they are smaller. If I spill a little bleach on myself, chances are it won’t kill me, but on my child the damage would be far greater.

We always try to avoid the cleaning aisles at Walmart as best we can…you know that smell when you walk down that aisle? That’s outgasing and all of our cleaners in our homes, under your kitchen sink and bathroom sink do the same thing. Why don’t we smell it, you ask? Because there are not thousands of bottles in your house like there are on that aisle in Walmart. Same effect though…same harmful chemicals.

The other day I read a post on MckMama’s blog about natural cleaning. I thought to myself “yeah, I got this one…no need to learn anything here…I’ll just read it for fun.” Then last night happened…

My tulips that I received for Mother’s Day, although once beautiful, were now dead and stinky. Time to head to the trash. I threw away the flowers and poured the dirty water down the sink. Let me just say, I know I am pregnant and am VERY sensitive to smells but this was BAD, pregnant or not. Bryan even thought it was disgusting. So what to do? I got out my handy dandy final chemical holdout…room spray from Bath & Body Works. For some reason, I can’t seem to let it go. I have it in my kitchen and bathrooms. I KNOW it is bad for me, I KNOW it is harmful. What’s the holdup? It just smells so darn good! I haven’t found an all natural room spray that works and has no chemicals.

After last night, I am on the hunt. I sprayed this spray and within minutes I could feel my throat burning and I started to cough. Then Ellie was coughing, then Bryan started saying that the spray was “killing him”. Probably figuratively but literally as well. We continued to cough through the night and I have been this morning as well. Now you might say I’m coming down with something…not all three of us…all at the same time…conveniently right after I sprayed the room spray. Trust me the room sprays are going in the trash…today…after I publish this post. I am done…I get it…sign me up as a tree hugger…I am done with room spray.

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