A Noble Life Purpose

OK, I am re-reading (is that a word) the best book! “The Mentoring Mom” by Jackie Kendall. I read it a long time ago but I think Ellie was too young for me to really be able to relate to some of what it had to say.

Each chapter discusses different images that we “stamp” onto our children. I just finished reading about stamping the “image of a Noble Life Purpose”. The principle in this chapter is that being a wife and mother is just that. A noble life purpose…

So many women think that what they are doing as a mother and wife is not truly a vocation. That it is not important, that it is mundane and repetitive. I will agree though that it never ends. When my husband works on a project at work, he sees it through to completion…my daily tasks at work repeat themselves over and over…never ending.

So many women are restless and miserable being “just a wife” and “just a mom”. They feel like an education, a fancy job and a power suit validate them as a woman. Surely this is what it means to fulfill God’s purpose for our lives, right? By doing this we are contributing to society, making the world a better place, showing what we are made of. We go about doing “something of our own choosing”. Kendall says in her book that “if God wants you to do something, it will not jeopardize your marriage and children for you to obey Him.” How many women put their marriages and families at risk to pursue their “dream”?

She goes on to talk about the Proverbs 31 woman. Ever get tired of hearing about THAT lady? =) Sometimes I do. I read about her and think how in the heck did she do all of that while still maintain her sanity and all her hairs still attached to her head? Kendall points out something here that really made a light bulb go off in my head. She says “I honestly believe that all that the P-31 woman did was over a lifetime and not simply one day in her life.” I just got chills again typing it. While I am struggling to figure out how she did all that while changing dirty diapers, rocking a sick baby and scrubbing her clothes at the river…she is becoming this woman in a LIFETIME. Well by golly, maybe I can do THAT! Maybe she wasn’t doing all those things when her husband worked late, her youngest had a fever and she was PMSing. It is who she had become…doesn’t it seem more attainable now? It does for me!

Kendall also discusses what it means to bring glory to God. She says that some people would describe it as “some majestic moment in one’s life.” She goes on to say that “we bring glory to God when we complete each day the work that God intends.” Maybe for me today that was laundry, loading the dishwasher and wiping yucky noses. Maybe for you it was picking up your kids from school and spending the afternoon at the park. Whatever God had for you to do today…when you did it, it brought Him glory! No matter how insignificant it seemed to you…

We also struggle with having enough hours in the day to accomplish all we need to do! How will we ever fit it all in? We don’t want to drop one single activity or responsibility yet we complain that we are tired, overloaded and overwhelmed. Kendall reflects that “there is enough time in each day for the will of God.” Ouch! Maybe if I was constantly seeking God’s will concerning my day I would have no problems with being able to fit it all in. How much of what we are trying to do each day is out of God’s will? That’s why we struggle, that’s why we are overwhelmed, that’s why we are so busy.

The God who created the universe cares about your day and mine. He cares about the laundry that we do, the diapers that we change and the dirt on the floor we sweep. when we do all those things He has called us to do, we bring Him glory.

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