Do cities mourn…

…ours does. Ours mourns the life of a precious little girl, wise beyond her years, beautiful piercing blue eyes always with a hint of mischief. That was Megan. Tonight she is in the presence of her mother, worshipping her Savior and mine. No more chemo, no more needles, no more pain. What a blessing. Can you still say that while you mourn, that something is actually a blessing? Sounds strange.

Megan always made us smile. Especially my little ones. I remember almost a year ago exactly at our church’s first summer movie night at the soccer field. I was up having to walk around with Ethan trying to keep him quiet and happy so others could enjoy the movie. I was actually catching none of the movie myself…I was pacing behind the crowd…not really buckets of fun, if you must know. Megan came back to join me. She talked to Ethan, made him laugh…he was so intrigued by her. At some point I began to feel as if I should excuse her from having to keep us company, release her from the awkwardness of having to walk away from us on her own. Forgiving her for not wanting to hang out in the back with a boring grown up and a fussy baby. But she stayed for the longest time…not watching the movie, not caring what else was going on…just talking to me, entertaining Ethan. What a kind heart, a heart that has known the pain of not only losing her mother to cancer but the pain of fighting it herself.

Megan was such a joy to have in Awana. Some of the last times I remember her coming after she was diagnosed, she would arrive and after being there for a while, begin to feel not as well as maybe she had upon her arrival. It was those times she would come hang out with us in the Awana office…just chatting , keeping us company, never complaining…what a strong little girl. We often say that God never gives us more than we can handle. Man that little girl was one tough cookie. She had me beat! Had I faced her same situation you would probably have to come drag me out of the corner I would likely crawl into. She was on the move! Going places, sharing God’s love with others…what excuse do we have to not do the same?

We get so caught up in our day to day lives that our love for our Savior often takes a back seat. We are too busy shuttling the kids here and there, planning our next vacation, worried about what we’ll wear the next day…everything taking priority over sharing the love of Christ. I’m thankful to have known the Megan that was never afraid or ashamed to share about her Saviour. Never too busy to share a kind word or a moment with someone who needed it. Oh, that we all take a piece of her with us. Bold in our faith, unwavering in our love for others, brave in whatever circumstance God has planned for us.

Sweet Megan, what a blessing and an honor to have known you during your short time here. Save a spot for me on the great game square in the sky and by the time I get there to play a game of dodge ball with you, try to put in a request for the collapsible balls…those real ones sure do hurt! =)

One thought on “Do cities mourn…

  1. What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful young lady! I didn't have the honor of knowing Meagan all that well, but when I did get to speak with her, she was always so kind and loving! She will truly be missed, but is in a place that is beyond words!!


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