Newest addition…or rather additionS!


Mother’s Day weekend we had nine new additions to our family. Thank goodness I didn’t have to birth them! One at a time is good enough for me!

They will be ready for their new homes in two weeks and we hope to find them all good homes. Ok, maybe not ALL, maybe 8! We are in negotiations to keep one. Bryan really likes a little boy pictured below but I thought we were keeping a girl…I’ll keep you posted!

Truth be told, I had great intentions of putting these pictures in some sort of order but I’m tired and my brain is not functioning so well this late. So, anyway, here goes…pictures in no logical order! =)

Little boy that Bryan likes

Ethan checking out the new puppy…notice he is trying not to touch it!

Ethan was not really fond of having to actually TOUCH the puppy at first…he REALLY wanted to but at the same time he didn’t.

Ethan trying to check out the puppy while keeping a safe distance.

Another cute little boy

Mommy, Xena. She is a Great Pyrenees. Here she is not her most glamorous…she is taking care of 9 you know!

And of course, what is Daddy doing while Mommy is chasing after 9 little ones? He’s taking a nap of course! I’m thankful that real daddies HELP with the babies! This is Malik. He is an Anatolian Shepherd. He is the best guard dog ever and loves and protects our little ones fearlessly. He’s the MAN…or CANINE, I should say!

Feel free to come by, check them out, play with them, pick one out! If you know anyone looking for a new puppy, please pass along our info!

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