The Rental

How in the world do some families survive with one car? Or worse yet, no car? I can not imagine. We have been without our Suburban for over a week and I feel like I am having withdrawals.
-Do I have a job to go to everyday that I need a car? …no
-Has someone needed emergency care and I could not transport them? …no
-Have I missed out on something HUGE because I had no car? …no

Well then what is my problem you might ask…I’m not really sure! I think it is just the security of having that car in the driveway, knowing it will take my hinney where it needs to go, whenever it needs to go. I hate to say this but I feel like it may be a CONTROL issue. Not her! I know that is what you are saying! I would never have a control issue…right? Maybe this is a first…

Needless to say, I am very thankful for my husband’s willingness to rent me another Suburban for a week so that I do not completely lose my mind. Although I may have to find places to go each day to justify the cost of having a rental. Are you looking for company? Need me to drop off your dry cleaning? Say the word and I will happily DRIVE your way…because I CAN!

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