So much to do…

…so little time! Ever have so much to do, you just don’t know where to begin? I am there. Before Ellie was born, I thought I was going to have a panic attack if everything was not perfect before she came. Well everything wasn’t perfect and she still came, so there goes

theory. Then before Ethan came along, I was a

more realistic about what had to be done before he came. Was it all done this time you ask? No, of course not and again he came anyway…no stopping these babies! Now on to Ruby Kate. My expectations of what has to be done are way down by now. I know she will come no matter

I have done and that we will survive what isn’t done. Now, keep in mind this doesn’t mean I don’t have a

list…just that I won’t die if it’s not all done. Bryan is planning to take a little time off after Ruby Kate arrives and he may not even see me and the kids…may be too busy getting all those things on the list done!

Along the lines of what

getting done…we have our Suburban back! Yeah!!!! I haven’t driven it yet, Bryan drove it home yesterday and said it drove really well. Now at least Ruby Kate won’t have to hitch hike home from the hospital…

Well, off to see what we can accomplish today. Until next time,

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