I don’t…

Don’t you just LOVE lists? I DO! Make them all the time, sometimes add things to them that I have already done, just so I can mark them off! Today Jenna is doing an “I Don’t” List…so here goes mine… feel free to visit her site and do one yourself!

My I Don’t List
– I don’t EVER have a completely clean house…who has time for that…life is short…someone will clean it when you’re gone, right?

– I don’t like a schedule at home…everywhere else, I live and breathe schedule…but at home, we just go with the flow

– I don’t know what I ever did without my hubby and my little ones…I can not imagine my life any other way than how it is right now

– I don’t clean my car, inside or out…Bryan usually does it when it is to the point of driving him insane…who can really keep a car clean with little ones I ask you?

– I don’t EVER want to be caught without my Burt’s Bees lip balm nearby…I might just have a come apart if I can not quickly lay my hands on one

– I don’t get any sleep these days…God love the third trimester

– I don’t always “cook” every meal…I make sure the kids have carbs, protein and fruit and sometimes we just call it a day…Bryan has eaten a lot of cereal lately, God love him!

– I don’t like the outdoors…is that sacreligious to say out loud? I think it’s beautiful….through the window

– I don’t mind if my kids make a mess, especially if they are having a good time playing together…we can always clean it up later…like 10 minutes before Daddy is supposed to be home

Can’t wait to read your list!

2 thoughts on “I don’t…

  1. Oh Mighty Bloggin Expert…What is wrong with my follower box? I checked and your's is not working either. I think! I am gonna have to do me some visiting of blogs and see what I can come up with. Any ideas?


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