Ethan is turning 2!!!!!!

Hard to believe that our little man is about to turn two! His actual birthday is August 20th but due to the impending arrival of Miss Ruby Kate we decided to party early so Mommy wouldn’t be too tired come birthday time…pretty smart on my part, huh?

He had such a good time at his party, although at times unsure of what was really going on. He had the hiccups while everyone sang happy birthday and then wasn’t sure what to do with those pesky candles. He had no interest in blowing them out…at all…so Mommy had to help.

Ellie and Sydney Grace were in rare form as usual…refusing to pose correctly for a picture…

I thought my cupcakes turned out pretty cute. If you don’t think they look like pigs, dogs and frogs…please don’t tell me. They worked for Ethan! They went great with his “Word World” plates and napkins…he loves that show!

And alas, finally a decent picture of my little girl…

Until next time,

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