"I Don’t" Wednesday

Here we go, another week of “I Don’ts”! Join me over at Jenna’s Blog and make your own list!

– I don’t always finish what I start. Unbelievable, huh?

– I don’t have everything ready for little Miss Ruby Kate’s arrival…aaaahhhhhhh!!!!!

– I don’t know why we still have a chocolate bunny from Easter, unopened sitting on our kitchen counter…maybe we are just too lazy to open the box? How long do those things stay fresh anyway?

– I don’t know why it always seems to rain on the day of the church pool party! The one place where I can let the kids play without having to show my pregnant self in a swimsuit and it keeps RAINING!

– I don’t know why my toilet hates me. We got a new seat and the new lid will not stay up! You know how irritating that is for a pregnant lady who gets up MULTIPLE times at night to go potty?

– I don’t know why I always want to eat what does not exist in my pantry…

– I don’t know what we are going to do with THREE new puppies at our house! One “sale” backed out…how do you feed soon to be four dogs that weigh 150-175 pounds EACH? Sell one of the kids I guess!

Until next Wednesday!

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