My Little Man

Well it won’t be long before my baby is no longer my baby. Ethan is about to be ousted by his new little sister, Ruby Kathryn, Ruby Kate as we like to call her and Roo Roo Kate according to Ethan.

The kids will be staying with Courtney as when we travel to the hospital to have our newest little one. I have talked with Ellie off and on about her being an interpreter for Mrs. Courtney. There are so many things that soon to be two year olds say that only make sense to their mommies and daddies. To someone else it just sounds like baby talk. As I was lying in my bed this morning with both of my little ones, I decided to make a list of as many of his little sayings and quirks as I could think of. That way Courtney can read it but I will also have it saved here for posterity when he’s thirteen and driving me bananas! So here we go…Ethan in a nutshell:

– when you change his diaper he often says “hold, hold”…he wants to hold his shorts/pants that you just took off of him while you change his diaper. Who knows? Don’t ask…

– he loves Cheerios that he refers to as “row rows”

– when you are pouring him a drink he will often HOLLER out “pour pour”…he wants to help pour but mommy is not going there yet. I just tell him only mommies pour. =)

– he likes to buckle himself into anywhere that has a buckle. He will often just sit there for the longest time. He says “bupple bupple” usually when he needs some help with it

– If you get on to Ellie, he often does too. His favorite is to tell her to “stop” repeatedly after you have just told her to do so

– he is obsessed with locating a dog that he hears barking. He will look out multiple windows until he can locate the source of the “dog bar” as he says

– if he THINKS he hears the phone ringing, he will go and get the phone and bring it to you…often engaging some sort of buttons that he shouldn’t. If you do not take the phone and pretend to do something with it, he will fuss at you saying “phone ing ing” until you do

– he is very obsessive about things that are broken or things he THINKS are broken. He will repeatedly tell you it is “broke” until you want to pull out your hair

– he is obsessed (noticing a trend) with a bowl and “poon”…aka spoon. If you are fixing him a snack, dinner, whatever that boy wants a SPOON. If you do not get him one, he will go and get it himself. Out of the drawer, out of the dishwasher, he will even get a chair and get one out of the sink drain. He means BUSINESS about his “poon”

– he likes bananas (a little less with each day it seems though) but will have a come apart if you cut it or break it in any way. He will NOT eat it unless it is entirely whole in all its glory. He will cry hysterically and there is no consoling him. Maybe lately that’s why I’ve been avoiding the banana drama

– his bed is FULL of toys, blankets, etc. Each time he goes to bed he wants to take something different with him but he never wants to remove the previous items. When he is fussy and doesn’t want to lay down in his bed, asking him what he wants to take to sleep with him is a nice distraction and once he has chosen something he is happy to get into bed so he can put his toy to bed as well. Sleeping with all of his tractors seems to be his new favorite

– “lu loo” is “I love you”

– if you give him a kiss he is often not happy until you ALSO give him a hug…he will say “hug kiss” over and over until you do…no getting past that boy…

– he frequently identifies daddy as being at “wuk”, when anyone mentions daddy

– if he is messing with something he is not supposed to, he will often look at you and say “hut me”…for hurt me…yes, Ethan that will…may or may not hurt you…but it works to get him to stop…he KNOWS what hurt means and will avoid it at all costs if he can identify it early

– he FREAKS OUT about bugs. He was ok with them until a wasp he was “playing with” stung him and then well, yeah, he’s done with bugs

– if you open something he or you MUST close it…you can’t open the drawer to get something out and leave the drawer open while you use said item. Oh NO…you MUST close it in between…he’s OCD like that…

– that boy likes his “whip bom”…or lip balm…he loves Burt’s Bees just like his mommy and if he sees you getting some, you BETTER be prepared to share!

– “day day” is David. This is different of course from “da da” which is daddy…very important distinction he has between the two

– he loves his vitamins…you CAN NOT go near that cabinet for anything else without having to get his vitamins for him. He is also VERY hard to convince that he has already had them for any given day. He KNOWS he has not already had them…and wants YOU to know

– he thinks just about every book is a Bible and can not be convinced otherwise…I’m starting to just give up…he will even sign Bible if you agrue with him about it

– he likes to have a napkin or paper towel with his meal or snack…if everyone else does…he’s not so bad if the thought doesn’t cross his mind

– do not have “la la meyon”…watermelon…in his presence, better yet not in the same house unless you are prepared to share…HE LOVES WATERMELON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

– he loves his “ba ba” previously known as a “boppy” in these parts. Not the thing you put around your waist as your nurse, these are basically burp cloths, cloth diapers, whatever you want to call them. He’s not QUITE as bad as Ellie was/is about hers…but he does like to have it at naptime and bedtime.

– he likes to “cu” as in CUT his food…often without your help…he will try to cut his meat with a spoon…very determined that boy is

– he’s just a tad fanatical about stuff on his hands when he is eating…when he decides it is time to be cleaned up, he wants that junk OFF…says “yu” for yuck or “dirty” until you get on the move and do something about it

– has his hot and cold mixed up…you wash his face with a warm wash cloth and he will often tell you it’s cold and vice versa…still working on that one

– he loves his “eh yah”…Ellie and wants to do whatever she is doing and wants to have whatever she has…typical brother, right?

Well, time to go continue prepacking for the hospital and cleaning up the car seat. I’m sure Bryan will remind me of some things I have missed here when he reads it. I’ll update later!

Until next time,

2 thoughts on “My Little Man

  1. Cute Jennifer! Things that you don't ever want to forget. Bryce and Ethan are so different. Bryce adores bugs, could care less if he sleeps with anything. He does love some spoon and bowls and wants to do it ALL himself. What little controllers they are! lol Can't wait for that Ruby Kate!


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