"I Don’t" Wednesday

Jenna’s Journey Blog

Here we go, another week of “I Don’ts”! Join me over at Jenna’s Blog and make your own list!

– I don’t know how those military wives do it with deployed husbands…Bryan has just been working a lot and we miss him terribly.

– I don’t know when Ellie’s most recent library books were due back. Do you think they will not charge you late fees if you tell them you have pregnant brain?

– I don’t know how to REALLY use my camera. I have a nice one, I just don’t know how to really do anything with it. When I teach myself something new (with the manual’s help of course) by the next time I use the camera, I forget what I had learned.

– I don’t know when the last time I had a seizure was. Pregnancy has certainly impacted that in a positive way this time. With Ethan they were worse. I need to start taking my medicine again…uuuhhhhhhh…

– I don’t know what people do without really good friends. I love mine so much and they are all so wonderful. What do people do that have no good friends?

– I don’t look forward to sleepless nights but I AM ECSTATIC about the arrival of my newest little one. Now, if she’ll just get her hinney in gear!

Until next Wednesday!

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