Mommy’s Little Helper

Bending over while pregnant is no fun. Not bending over to unload the dishwasher, not bending over to tie your shoes, not bending over to pick something up that you dropped and certainly not bending over into the washing machine to take out clothes.

Enter Ellie…

She has become quite the helper with the laundry these last few weeks. She has been helping for some time with getting clothes out of the dryer but until now the washer eluded her. Since she is in “help Mommy” mode she was all about moving the clothes from the washer to the dryer.

Here’s the proof…

Lord do I love that little girl! What a great Mommy’s little helper!

Until next time,

4 thoughts on “Mommy’s Little Helper

  1. Love these Jenifer! What a funny memory! She is also learnign so much about being a mommy right now! She is gonna be such a big help with Ruby Kate too! My fav is the one of her whole head down with feet dangling! lol


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