Ruby Kate

UPDATE: Dr. M said the baby looked great on the monitor at the hospital. She sent us home, saying to rest, eat really well and drink some caffeine so that I could feel the baby move. She said to get up in the morning, eat a really good breakfast with a big cup of coffee and be at her office at 9:00am for another biophysical profile. She said if things look the same as today to plan on staying and going to labor and delivery for an induction. If things are improved then she would let me go as long as Monday without induction. My amniotic fluid level is low so hence the need to deliver soon. Thank you all for your prayers. They are felt and appreciated. Love, Jenifer

Well, I’m attempting this from my Blackberry in the mini clinic at RMC so we’ll see how it goes. I miss my laptop! Hard to type at length on this thing.

We had our regular weekly appointment with Dr. M today at 11. Very quick visit, she was running on schedule which for her is a miracle. When I got into a room, Ruby Kate’s heart rate was 142. Dr. M came in and measured my stomach and there had been no change in the last 3 weeks. Keep in mind I had gained 2 pounds…that must have been all the Oreos and Coke floats I’ve had this week. =)

Dr. M was concerned of course because of my lack of growth so she sent me to the sonogram tech for a biophysical profile. They take a series of measurements, check amniotic fluid levels, check heart rate, breathing and measure the baby. You can score between a 0 and an 8. 8 being the best. When Dr. M joined us in the room, the tech told her my score was a 0. By the time we left the room, she told me she had changed it to a 2.

She said RK was not breathing. Dr. M said that babies are not always breathing in utero. It could mean she was just in a resting state or it could mean things are just nearing the time when she is getting ready to deliver. The tech said she did breathe some at the very end.

She was not moving this morning or during the sonogram but again the reasons could be the same as those above.

Dr. M told me to go through a drive thru, get something to eat and something to drink with caffeine and head to the mini clinic. Had to do this before with both babies. They have hooked me up to the monitors and are seeing how RK is doing. Based on what Dr. M finds out she will either decide to induce or wait it out.

Keep us in your prayers.

Until next time,

6 thoughts on “Ruby Kate

  1. Hey Jennifer,
    I am so excited that it is finally here. I hope all goes well today with your visit. I am praying for a safe and fast delivery.



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