My Poor Middle Child…

God love Ethan…why is it sometimes your middle child gets lost in the shuffle? The first born DEMANDS attention and of course so does the baby. Ethan is just along for the ride. Well he has had one bit of excitement recently in his little life. He got the side rail taken off of his baby bed! He’s a “BI BOY” now…translate as “BIG BOY”.

He was soooooooo proud of his “new” bed.

He of course had to show me how he lays down in it.

And of course, the eldest could not miss out on the opportunity to have her picture taken as well.

He’s doing so well (knock on wood) in his big boy bed. He has not gotten out of it ONE TIME! I don’t think he knows he can. Here’s hoping he never realizes that he can get up during his nap!

Speaking of naps, we were right? He fell asleep today while eating his lunch…before he could get to his “BI BOY” bed. God love him…

Growing up is TIRING!

Until next time,

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