Boy vs. Girl

Ever seen a baby you don’t know and can’t decide if it’s a boy or a girl? Afraid to say something because you’re not sure? Let me see, as the mommy to a brand new little GIRL, if I can help…

~ If it is in a pink car seat, it’s a girl.

~ If the diaper bag accompanying the baby is pink, it’s a girl.

~ If the baby’s siblings refer to it as their new little “sister”, it’s a girl.

~ If the baby’s blanket and burp cloth are pink, it’s a girl.

~ If the mommy says “she” when referring to the baby, it’s a girl.

~ If the baby is wearing a bow, anywhere, it’s a girl.

~ If the baby is wearing clothing with hearts and flowers, it’s a girl.

~ Even if the baby is wearing blue, with RUFFLES, you guessed it…


Hope that helps!

And for Gran, who complained that she hasn’t seen a new picture recently…here’s Ethan holding his little sister.  She was awake when he got her and actually fell asleep while he was holding her.  What a good big brother he is!

Here’s a quick video clip for Gran as well…pardon the poor quality…cell phones!

Until next time,

3 thoughts on “Boy vs. Girl

  1. Too funny! Only once has this happened to me so far! It was an old man! He was like 80 or something and obviously blind! Bryce was in a blue car seat! Hilarious that you did a post on it! Loved the video too!


  2. I am laughing right now b/c this has happened to me more times than I can count… And I thought dressing a little girl in hairbows bigger than my head would be a good indicator that she is in fact a girl =)
    Too funny Jenifer! Good post!


  3. I love it! As the mother of another baby girl, I couldn't agree more! Even if only the socks are pink – its a girl! Older men always refer to her as “it”. As in, “How old is it?” or “Boy, it sure sleeps good, huh?”. Don't know why this bothers me but it does. Maybe replace “it” with “the baby”????


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