You know it’s your third child when…

Little Ruby Kate…our third little one…my how fast the days go by…

With our first, I was just able to sit and stare at her all day. I took picture after picture, had her pictures professionally made every month, quickly filled up scrapbooks, wrote down every little thing she did. Videotaped every little exciting milestone reached. Called Bryan dozens of times a day with a list of all the fabulous things she was doing. I loved to dress her up and change her clothes several times a day as the occasion warranted. I was able to pack her up in the car fairly quickly and we could be on our way. She could do whatever we did. Go wherever we went.

Now we are on baby number three. Can I just say that those days above are a thing of the past?

The camera? Well it gets alot less use these days…sometimes it’s not even charged…Gran asked the other day for a recent picture of Ruby Kate…yeah, had to go take one after realizing I had not taken one in weeks…WEEKS! What kind of mommy have I become? A slacker!

Those monthly professional pictures? Well, who has time and the energy to load up three little ones and drag them to a portrait studio? Not me! We are settling for monthly pictures at home and then professional every three months.

What about her scrapbook you ask? Well, she’s almost 7 weeks old and it looks the same as the day before she was born. Yeah, got to carve out some time for that. The pictures are developed though. That’s a start, right?

Am I calling Bryan as often? Uh, no…again, many noses and bottoms to wipe…the phone is the last thing I pick up when I have a spare minute. Right now, that item happens to be the book I was reading before Ruby Kate was born. The day before she arrived I only had 3 chapters left…now seven weeks later I am still working on those three chapters…I’ll make it though…have to see what happens to “Charlie Bone”.

Clothing? Boy have I learned a lot after three babies! Stop by any given day and you will find Ruby Kate. most likely, in a onesie. Maybe even a plain, white onesie…gasp! Now that I know that a baby will definitely mess up a cute little outfit as soon as you put it on them, at home we go the plain Jane route. Nothing fancy for us at home. Spent lots of time with Ellie, getting stains out of those precious little outfits. I am wiser now…at least when it comes to baby laundry!

What about hitting the open road, you ask? It’s got to be something important before I will agree to load up all three kiddos and head out. I mean really important. Do I look like an idiot? My mama didn’t raise no fool! Taking three littles out by yourself is HARD! I have attempted Wal-mart ONCE by myself in seven weeks and ballet of course because it is at the top of the list for extracurricular activities at this house! Just ask Ellie. To soccer on Saturday mornings I have taken either Taylor or Hannah and Becca. Praise the Lord for friends who like soccer!

Well, I’ll leave you with some pictures of our little Ruby Kate…since I did manage to take a couple with the camera as the battery was about to die. Don’t worry, it’s fully charged now…just waiting for Ellie’s Pinkalicious party on Saturday…she is the firstborn of course…how could I not have the camera charged!

Not sure what she’s so mad about in this one…I’m just flashing a bright light in her face over and over!

She’s seriously concentrating on something…probably wishing she and I could run away to a secluded, QUIET island somewhere so she could actually sleep…

Until next time,

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