Ruby Kate is Two Months Old!

Ok…where is that little card…you know the one they give you at the doctor’s office…the one that tells you when your next appointment is…yeah, that card…I’ve lost it…the one telling me when Ruby Kate’s two month checkup is.

Guess it’s time to call the doctor’s office and confess, alas, that I am not mother of the year…now with “first baby syndrome” I all but framed the blooming cards…now I lose them before we walk out of the office…poor third baby…I’ll do better, I promise…

In honor of her second month, I did manage to snap a few shots of my cute little, chubby cheeked princess. She is such a cutie, always laughing and cooing, always jabbering back when you talk to her…

Her Daddy and I are worried about the days to come…Lord knows we don’t need another talker in the house…we’ve already been blessed with this one…

Anyway, back to Ruby Kate…since I have lost the above mentioned card, we obviously have not been back to the doctor, so therefore, I have no idea what she weighs, how long she is or any of those important two month statistics…I’ll have to update with those later.

I am convinced that it is impossible to get her to look at me for a picture.  She looks at me all the time until I pull out the big, black camera…maybe it scares her…maybe she thinks if she looks away with no interest I will quit…no such luck girly!  I don’t give up that easily!

I can tell you that she is growing like a weed, a beautiful, flowering weed not the kind that make you sneeze…she still does not like sudden outbursts from her brother and sister…she often will sleep for a 4 or 5 hour stretch at night which just blesses her Mama’s soul!  She is getting quite long and outgrows her clothes lengthwise before she ever fills them up.  She might just grow up to be tall like her Mommy!

Ok, finally one where she’s looking CLOSE to the camera lens…not direct eye contact but I’ll take it! I think we might be able to call it…looks like the blue eyes are staying!  I know not to hold my breath…they can change…but sure love the big, blue eyes!

If you haven’t been by to see her, she told me it makes her sad…come by and visit…so we won’t have to see the bottom lip! By the way, don’t come on the 20th…called Dr. Ebba and he says that’s when our next appointment is…

Until next time,

P.S.  No picture of little man because he wouldn’t stop MOVING long enough for me to snap a picture!

4 thoughts on “Ruby Kate is Two Months Old!

  1. I will so have to come by and see you guys. I miss the two older ones and need to say hey to the Little one. She is so cute. I love her checks. I think it is so funny that Little Man wouldn't stay still long enough for a picture. He is always getting into something.


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