I’m so EXCITED!!!

I’m so excited to tell you all about my new venture!  I have just launched an Etsy shop!  What’s an Etsy shop, you ask?  Well, Etsy is a website where people like me can sell handmade or vintage items.  Think eBay but WAY cooler!

Since our little ones have arrived our candle business was just not a feasible option for a stay-at-home mommy of little ones.  Way too hot and dangerous!  I loved the creative outlet that it provided and have been looking for something else that I would LOVE to do but that I could do with my little “helpers” around!

Enter the digital invitation/announcement…

I have had so much fun over the past year creating announcements, party invitations and Christmas cards for our family.  I have had such a blast designing and dreaming up great ways to deliver information and started to think…why not do this for others?  It’s something that I love to do, something that others have a need for and something that I could do at home while bouncing a baby on my lap if need be!

So….I opened my own Etsy shop.  I am just getting started with my samples and am currently working on lots of brand new designs for Christmas and holiday cards.  I would love the opportunity to design one for your family.  You’ll be able to choose from my pre-designed options or I can create one from scratch just for you!  Anything you can dream…I can create!

Please check out my shop, The Digital Pigeon (thanks Courtney for an awesome name!) at Etsy.com.

I’m also excited to link up with other creative women on Kelly’s Korner and get to see lots of other handmade items.  Check out the links below!  What a great way to support other Moms and maybe even get some of your Christmas shopping done!  I can’t wait to start looking myself!

Until next time,

2 thoughts on “I’m so EXCITED!!!

  1. You are very welcome! I guess you just asked me on a day when my very limited creative juices were flowing! ha!
    I can't wait for you to do our Christmas cards!!!


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