By what you ask…?  Aliens, armed gunmen, water…nope…clothes!  Now, to some, this might be a good thing…but to me…it makes me STRESSED OUT!  Don’t get me wrong, I am thankful for the clothes that I have…thankful that we don’t want or need in that department.  But what I don’t like, what makes me feel as though I am drowning, is all the excess.  How many shirts does one person need?  How many pairs of pants?  We have so many clothes that we never even wear!  Clothes that just take up space and get in the way. Clothes that could be used to bless another family, if only I had the gumption to just clean out…with a vengeance…

Last year about this time I read a book by Mark Tabb called “Living With Less”.  Man, what an eye opener!  I need less in all areas of my life.  Less stuff, less activity and less of ME!  I did really good for a while after reading this book but alas, it is time to read again…

I am ready…

  • ready to clean out my closet, keeping only a basic wardrobe, getting rid of all the things I don’t wear or don’t like
  • ready to begin the painful process of sorting through my books and blessing other people by sharing them
  • ready to radically purge the toys in our house, removing the ones that NEVER get played with, and the ones that consist of a thousand pieces
  • ready to discard extra dishes, coffee mugs, odds and ends pieces of plastic that threaten to overtake my kitchen
  • ready to curb my spending by avoiding the monster that is Wal-mart, by avoiding the “big blue box” store I will not be as tempted to purchase things I don’t need and don’t have room for
  • ready to slim down our snack choices…do we really need so many options for a 2 year old and a 5 year old?  Instead of purchasing, my goal is to make a homemade batch of cookies for our cookie jar…first batch…Snickerdoodles…
  • ready to commit to making things with the fabric I DO have before buying more
  • ready to simplify my menu for this season of my life…fabulous, complicated Food Network recipes will have to wait until I don’t have preschoolers
  • ready to purge my husband’s magazines and books…maybe I’ll let him have a go at it first…
  • ready to simplify our time, to ask myself if it brings glory to God before I put it on our schedule

So, what about you?  What are you ready to simplify?  What are you ready to get rid of?  What are you ready to change?

Let me help you get started…with your very own copy of “Living With Less”.  To enter, leave a comment at the bottom of this blog post to be entered to win.  Tell me what first step you are going to take to simplify your life.

I’ll draw a winner at random Tuesday night at 8pm.  Let’s get started…

Until next time,

UPDATE: Congrats to “heartchild” whose entry was randomly chosen by my hubby.  Enjoy your copy of “Living With Less”…coming your way soon!

13 thoughts on “Simplify…

  1. Interesting -I am taking a break from cleaning out my closet and I read this post. I am sorting thru toys and misc that I have removed from the kiddos rooms. I put it all in my closet to sort thru later and today is later. Guess that would be my first step.


  2. I am constantly cleaning out closets & cabinets!! Clutter tends to stress me out!!! I realize though that I wouldn't have to “declutter” so often if I didn't make so many purchases!! My first step is to carefully consider what I am purchasing & why I am purchasing it!! Hopefully I can begin by reducing my shopping trips…pay more attention to my families “needs” as opposed to my families “wants”!!!


  3. Girl I feel you about clearing out all of the excess!
    We just recently cleared out closets and toy boxes and I feel like it is already time to do it again!
    I also cleaned out the plastics cabinet and I threw away every lid and bowl that did not have a mate…really freed up a lot of space and now when I need a container I can find one with a lid =)


  4. NICE! I've been working on getting rid of excessive things around here also. Especially with Christmas right around the corner is a great time to get things in place not only for new things but also just to live a more organize life 🙂

    So my challenge for this week is to continue emtying out my our basement 🙂


  5. I so need to do this. I just don't seem to have time. Grrr!!!
    I use to every Christmas I would have sons pick out toys that they no longer wnat but are in great condition and we would donate it to the local battered womens shelter. We have not done this since we moved to Texas, I think its time we start up again. Thanks for the post


  6. this is the first time i have been to your blog..
    i need to simplify my life by getting rid of stuff i dont need. I am a college student living in a cluttered dorm room..i know i could live without a lot of the things i think i need! and my room at home needs to simplifying too!


  7. I am currently going through my children's outgrown clothing to see what can be saved for our 18 month old and what can be passed on to bless another family. It's so FREEING!


  8. I've had this book on my Wish List on PaperbackSwap since last October and I'm still only #28! I really need to go through my books again and list some of them on PBS, but it's sooo hard!
    My first step is to get rid of all of my kid's clothes – yes, I still have some from when they were little (did I mention that they are 23, 20 & 18? LOL) and I keep saying I'm going to sell them at Sweet Repeats. Well I have sold some, but I missed this last sale, so out they go!


  9. I am going to start with cleaning out my office. I never write in it anymore because it has become the storage room and my bookshelves are overflowing. I don't know if I can get rid of the books, but I CAN organize them. Thanks for the great post!


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