Halloween 2009

Why the delay, you ask?  Why am I posting Halloween pictures days after the fact?  Well, lets just say that I have a stubborn little Jedi…

I realized after the fall festival, where Ethan wore his costume all of about one minute, that I had not taken a picture!  So finally today, I remembered to drag out the costume, bribe my two year old and snap a quick pic. 

Ellie on the other hand was LOVIN’ her costume!  What little girl wouldn’t want to be Dorothy?  Her mommy of course struggled with the ruby red slipper dilema…the avid reader that I am, wanted to dress her in silver slippers as per the book instead of red as in the movie.  Well, the movie won out for fear of confusion or teasing…

I, of course, think she is the most beautiful Dorothy ever!

Then, as I begin to sift through my photos. I realize I do not have a decent photo of my little “flower” Ruby Kate.  So, I managed to locate one that Bryan had taken with Shannon’s camera…one where Ruby Kate is not really looking but you get the jist…

Her little “costume” was a gift from Aunt Beth.  What a great gift!  Thanks Aunt Beth!

We hit the fall festival at church and although it was a little crazy keeping up with everyone, we had a blast.  We got to see our friends Avery and Tate so that made Ellie’s night!  Notice Ethan, sans costume…

We also got to eat dinner and visit with baby Ava the butterfly.  She was precious!

This week we tried our hand at  pumpkin carving…

And had quite the yucky hands to prove it…
After lots of hard work from Daddy, here was the final product…
And he may not want to be Yoda but dressing up like an angel is apparently much more Ethan’s style…pardon the fuzzy picture…no time to click twice…he moves too fast!
Until next time,

One thought on “Halloween 2009

  1. Love the costumes!!!!
    Jackson was yoda a couple years ago…would not keep it on either…must be the age???
    Ethan looks adorable though =)

    Miss Ellie is the prettiest Dorothy I have ever seen!

    And Miss Ruby Kate is a precious flower!

    So glad you guys had fun and great job on the pumpkin!


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