Christmas Letter 2009 – from Bryan!

Well it seems we have come to the end of another year, and my how they seem
to go faster and faster…that is how I started the Christmas 2008 letter and it seems the past year went by even faster. First I want to thank everyone who told Jenifer I did such a great job on last years letter. No one told me, but it seems enough of you (you know who you are) told her that she thought I should get to try again. I balked and said that was the best I could do, I thought this was a one time thing, how could I top last years, all the best arguments I could come up with and yet here I am typing the Christmas 2009 letter.

Well, I suppose there are worse things and I do enjoy talking about my
beautiful family so let’s get started with the youngest…and we have a new
youngest this year…Ruby Kathyrn Parris joined us on 14 August and will soon celebrate her first Christmas. Ruby Kate is already trying to talk, she jabbers all the time. Guess she is smart enough to know she better start talking early or she will never get a word in around our house. She is truly a blessing, a very happy baby with the cutest grin you have ever seen. She has finally taking a liking to her daddy, but only for short periods at a time. That may be because the other two seem to have to crawl into daddy’s lap when he has the little one. Jealous, maybe?

That leads us to Ethan, he turned two less than a week after Ruby Kate’s
arrival, and our little man has become quite the handful. He likes to start
the morning off with a knock-knock joke or two or a hundred, problem is he
only knows 3 or 4. “Knock-Knock. Who’s There? Jamaica. Jamaica Who? Jamaica
Me Crazy!” is the current favorite. He is also a big fan of Max & Ruby, Handy Manny, Toy Story and Cars, especially Lighting McQueen and Mater. He is all boy and quite a handful for his mother, she was used to the quite, calm little girl that Ellie used to be…what an awakening that boys are different! Never a dull moment when he is around, laughing, talking, knock-knock jokes, pulling his sister’s hair, jumping on or off furniture. He is the one that will keep us young just trying to keep up with him. Ethan is also coming into his role as a big brother always wanting to know about Ruby Kate…”Where’s RooRoo Kate?” “What’s wrong RooRoo Kate?”, doesn’t really ask about the rest us of though. Go figure.

Ellie is our little ballerina this year and is having a wonderful time taking ballet lessons, yes pronounced just like it is spelled “bal-a-let” there are two l’s in there you know, she doesn’t want to waste one. Could just be her Southern drawl, not sure, but the girl can make a six letter word have about eight syllables. She is still daddy’s little princess and celebrated her fifth birthday this year with a “Pinkalicious” party, she really doesn’t have much use for colors other than pink. She is a wonderful helper around the house with laundry and setting the table and does a great job of dressing herself, even does a pretty good job of picking her own clothes out. Mom still gets the final say so, but she does a great job. She taught herself to tie her shoes this year, yes all by herself, and to whistle. We are so proud of her, well for the shoe thing, the whistling kind of drives Jenifer crazy. Ellie is the early riser in the family and likes to get up early and snuggle with daddy on the couch, which usually leads to “Will you get me some “breaktast“, I want Cheerios in a bowl, with no milk, some apple juice in my Princess cup, a cheese stick, I can unwrap it, and a spoon.” Not sure if she just knows what she wants or she is very demanding, either way she is precious. Ellie loves to go to church and choir and Cubbies and is just a wonderful blessing to everyone she meets.

Well, I guess we are to Jenifer, what a busy wife, mother, homemaker, AWANA
Commander, Bible study leader, she has been this year. She says that Ruby
Kate wears her out, but I think it has to do with the other two at least a
little bit. She tries to do it all and gets most of it done, she is really
amazing at all she does accomplish. Of course, she gets upset about the
things that don’t get done but rarely looks at all she tries to do. She is
wonderful, but ya’ll already know that.

Me, well other than work and a long Honey-do list that never seems to get
done, don’t have much else to say. I could not be any more blessed than I am. I have a beautiful family (Thanks to everyone who reminds me of that), a wonderful job, a roof over my head, and food on the table. I am truly
grateful for the many blessing that the Lord has provided for me and my
family and am reminded especially this time of year as we celebrate the birth of our Savior how blessed we are to live in this country where we are still able to celebrate our religion openly and freely.

Merry Christmas,

One thought on “Christmas Letter 2009 – from Bryan!

  1. Jenifer,
    love your family Christmas card and the letter Bryan wrote…please tell him that he did a great job and should certainly make it an annual thing =)

    Merry Christmas to the Parris Family!


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