How goes the new year…

…well here at the Parris Ponderosa, I’m behind!  I had all these grand plans for how I was going to begin the new year…

  • I was going to start the new year with a clean house
  • I was going to start the new year with an organized house
  • I was going to read the daily portion of my one year Bible everyday
  • I was going to blog our daily lives more often…not for anyone else but for us…so we remember

Do you catch my drift?  Notice each one starts with I was going to?  Not I did or I have

So before I guilt myself to death…let me just say…”there’s always tomorrow“…I plan to start then…

If I don’t declutter, organize, donate and trash some stuff, I might lose my mind.  The fact that I will very soon have a crawler in my house has become a motivating factor in my life.  When you can contain your little ones, who cares if there are old Cheerios in every corner of the house…

Have a crawler?  Those Cheerios begin to matter…

My plan…

One of my favorite frugal websites is Econobusters.  I just love Molly and all of her great tips and ideas.  To start off the new year, she is running a series on organization!  Think she read my mind?  I think so!

Each month she has an ebook called the “Money Saving Digest”.  I have learned so much from Molly’s digests!  I look forward to them and devour them each month.  I read them cover to cover! Every article is practical and useful!

The January digest is available now for only $4.95!  You can get your own copy here

An even better choice is the Organize with Molly – Organization Bundle.  Not only will you get the January Digest but you’ll get ALL the organization related articles from Molly’s 2009 Digests!!!  You can’t beat that!

Some of my favorite things included are forms to help get me organized, ideas for the kids, and when you’re done organizing there’s even a step by step tutorial about making your favorite pie!  I can’t wait to try the recipe for the individual ones just like my Granny used to make!

Who doesn’t need help getting you house and life organized?  So in an effort to have someone hold me accountable…besides my husband, love you Bryan…I’m going to let you in on my plan.

I plan to…organize my wreck of a pantry…make that two pantries by next Wednesday…

Here’s what I need from you…

  1. when you see me, ask how my pantry organization is going
  2. if I act as if I don’t know what you are talking about…remind me about my plan
  3. volunteer to come help me with said plan…just kidding…I would die of embarrassment

Until next time,

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