Who’s that baby look like, anyway?

Do you find it funny how we obsess over who our babies look like?  From the moment they are born, we are busy trying to isolate every feature of their anatomy and connect it to someone in our family.

Why do we do this?  To make sure there was no hospital mix-up? To prove they are ours?  Who knows!  For me it’s fun and just plain amazing!  That God designed it so that two people could form another person!  Wow!  He doesn’t need us, but He allows us to be involved!

This particulare game we (mostly women) play, drives Bryan bananas.  He just wants them to be them!  Where’s the fun in that, I ask you!

After changing my opinion several times during my children’s young lives, we have come to a decision…that our kids look like a combination of people…which ironically they are…

Ellie, to me is a good mix of all of us.  She doesn’t look like just one person…in my opnion she got all of our best qualities and turned out beautifully!

Ethan on the other hand reminds me of my Dad…definitely favors the Shearon side of our family! It’s something about the profile…

Now, Ruby Kate…when she was born, she looked just like her daddy…or so I thought…boy do they change fast!  To me, over the last few months she looks less like Bryan and more like my Mom’s side of the family…namely my Mom!

Here’s my Mom at 4 months…

And remember Ruby Kate at three months…of course RK’s eyes are way squinchy in this pic…is that a word?  Squinchy…any way you catch my drift…

All I can tell you is no matter who they look like, I think they are beautiful!
Until next time,

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2 thoughts on “Who’s that baby look like, anyway?

  1. I play that game too Jenifer! Mine change often…it is amazing how certain expressions or glances resemble so many different people…just completely amazing =)

    Your children are beautiful!


  2. Funny – because when I opened your blog I thought Ruby Kate's 11 month picture looks just like a picture my mom (Aunt Louise) has of Bryan when he was a baby.



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