Oh my Lord!

Ever been called a groupie?  Yeah…me neither…until recently…

You would have never found me following around a band to different cities…drooling over the drummer…knowing the words to every song…you catch my drift…sooooooo not me…

Then, my pastor calls me a groupie…me?  A groupie?  I think not! 

But then again, he said that I was a Beth Moore groupie…ok, well maybe I am…

Is that such a  bad thing?  What God fearing, Bible loving woman, doesn’t love Beth Moore, right?  Man, she brings it!  Rock on Beth! 

So I will gladly sit back and study God’s Word with Beth and be a groupie til I die!  Ha!

Along those lines I may have become a bit of a blog groupie…did I just admit that?

I may not follow every blog out there but there are some you just connect with ya’ know?  Somehow I seem to always stumble upon blogs with sick little ones, that just break my heart.  I can only imagine what these moms are going through…God has blessed me with three healthy children…

I may not can take dinner to these families or give them a hug but I can PRAY!  And that I do!  I have prayed for many during my short tenure as a blogger…the one that I was first introduced to was Kelly Stamps, baby Harper’s mommy.  From her blog, I ran across Jenna who is Brayden’s mommy.  Eventually, I ran across MckMama’s blog and prayed for baby Stellan as well.   I have prayed for those babies and families just like they were close personal friends.  I have been on my knees crying out to God for these babies…for God to heal them…for God’s will in their precious little lives.

So does that make me a groupie…?  I say, so be it!  =)

I saw on Twitter this morning that Kelly and Jenna will both be in Atlanta on April 24th to hear Beth Moore, in the OVERFLOW with me!!!  Well, not really with ME…they don’t even know me…

Was I still excited?  Oh Lord yes!  Did I try several times to call Courtney and say “OH My Lord, Kelly and Jenna will be in Atlanta…you are going, right?”  Alas, she did not answer!  I’m having to be excited all by myself…Ellie, Ethan and Ruby Kate just do not get it!  Ha!

I say…

thank you Lord for the connection you have given us moms through the blog world, thank you for using it as a tool in our lives to join us together, thank you for using it as a means to share during our most difficult times and ask for prayer for our little ones and our families…thank you Lord for using the internet, which many intend for evil, for Your good!  Praise the Lord!

So, I’m off to wash diapers…I know you wanted to know that, right….

Your favorite groupie

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